Grilling 101: 6 Grilling Tools and Accessories for the Tastiest Delicacies

Grilling 101: 6 Grilling Tools and Accessories for the Tastiest Delicacies

Cooking over high heat within a short time defines grilling.


Grilling doesn’t involve grease dripping and batter coating, making it healthier than frying food.

The fun marinades flavor, smoky flavor, grill lines on food, and fresh taste make grilled food tasty and eye-appealing. You can grill fruits and vegetables, red meats, chicken and fish for a complete balanced diet.

Fruits and veggies for grilling include:

  • Mangoes
  • Zucchini
  • Pear
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Apple
  • Pineapple
  • Eggplant
  • Onions
  • Corn
  • Endive
  • Bell peppers

Smart grill lean meat to reduce the amount of fat that drips on the coals. Lean cuts without visible skin and fat are the key to healthier grilling.

Marinate with low-fat marinades to reduce fat drips on coal.

According to a study published on the NATURAL medical journal, marinades lower heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) by up to 99% due to low-fat grilling to add flavor and taste to your food.

Grilling fruits and veggies reduces the risk of developing stroke, coronary heart disease, obesity, and certain cancer types.

Other benefits of grilling include:

  • Retention of vitamins and minerals due to a slow cooking process over lower temperature
  • Allows various foods to be cooked at once for reduced food preparation and cooking times
  • Gives vegetables a better taste than other cooking methods
  • It perfectly complements outdoor activities
  • Gas and electric grills are safer than charcoal grills
  • Allows cooking of marinated meats for better taste and health

A good workman is known by his tools, and so is a good cook.

Whether you’re an experienced grill master or a beginner looking to sharpen your grilling skills, various tools and accessories can ease your cooking process and make it fun.

Safe tools and accessories for grilling helps gain the health benefits that come with grilling food.

Top 6 Tools and Accessories for the Tastiest Delicacies

The grilling tools and accessories you need to prepare healthy and tasty dishes outdoors include:

  • Stainless steel tongs

Tongs come in metal construction such as stainless steel to support durable and healthy cooking. The steel used is strong and sturdy to help handle food on the grill.

They feature comfortable grip handles for non-slip use. With the tongs, you can easily turn your food as it cooks to ensure it browns evenly. Although they range in length, an ideal tong could be 13 inches long.

Tongs are convenient and the most-frequently used accessory for grilling. They’re the ultimate tool for placing vegetables and meat on the grates of your grill. You can also use them to remove food that has finished cooking from the grill.

Long tongs keep your hands away from heat and flames while making it easy to flip over slippery foods such as vegetables. They may feature long rubberized handles to avoid any burns on your hands.

  • Stainless steel spatula

Made from stainless steel, a spatula is another critical tool for grilling. It features an extra-long handle that varies from one tool to another. The handle has good grip to support non-slip use when handling food.

A stainless steel spatula may also feature a loop for hanging it on your storage rack when not in use. It’s also key in keeping your grilling tools and accessories organized in the kitchen for easy access.

A reliable metal spatula is what you need to flip over food that’s being grilled. Whether you’re grilling delicate fish or burgers, a spatula ensures that your food cooks all round. Simply slide it underneath your food to flip it over.
With the long handle, you can easily move food away from your source of heat or towards it as necessary.

  • Stainless steel basting brush

Featuring a stainless steel handle, a basting brush is easy to use. They range in the length to meet the varied needs out there. For instance, a typical brush may have a 15-inch long handle. Metal is used on the handle for increased durability.

The brush comes in handy when you need to apply sauce on your barbecue ribs, fish, veggies or chicken to make it tastier. The silicone bristles are strong enough to hold all kinds of juices and sauces you may want to apply onto your food.
It eases the entire application process. A good basting brush is dishwasher-friendly and can withstand high heat from the grill.

  • BBQ professional charcoal starter

Charcoal starters come in varying capacities to meet different needs out there. As an example, a typical tool of this kind may have a capacity of 5 pounds for holding charcoal briquettes.

The heat shield on the handle is aimed at keeping it cooler. It protects your hands from burns when handling the starter. The material used on the handle is often wood because it’s a POOR conductor of heat.

Consider getting a good charcoal chimney if you own a conventional charcoal grill. It’s what you need to start your coals to offer heat you’ll need for grilling your food. It’s sturdy enough to support your cookouts all year round.

  • A deluxe grill cleaner

The need to clean your grill after use goes without saying. A grill cleaner features comfort grip on the handle for easy handling maneuvering of the tool.

The stainless steel scraper is strong and durable to remove stubborn stains left behind each time you grill food. It’s sturdy to ensure that the scraper doesn’t come off even when working on the toughest of stains.

With the stainless steel bristles, you can easily scrub off grease and grime off your grill. Cleaning your grill with a grill brush increases its lifespan and ensures it’s ready for the next use.
A wider brush cleans grates faster and easier. A typical grill brush features a scraper, standard bristles and an abrasive pad for scrubbing off tough spots. Braided wires don’t break off easily.

  • A perforated grill rack

A grill rack or grid is ideal for grilling delicate foods such as fish fillets and veggies that easily get stuck or fall off through the grates on your charcoal or electric grill. Porcelain coating on the racks often ensure non-stick cooking of the delicacies.

You may also need grilling gloves, grill covers and a grilling basket to support your cookouts.