Benefits of a Traditional Offset Smoker vs. Modern Variation


August 27, 2020

There are many ways of cooking food. All the different cooking methods have an impact on the quality of food you can prepare. Grilling is one of the best ways you can prepare your meals.

Many people prefer grilled food, more so in America, due to its flavorful taste and the immense health benefits of the cooking technique.

It has been proven that about 75% of adults in the United States own either a smoker or a grill.

Also, statistics show that grills and barbecues worth close to 1.36 billion dollars were sold in America. This indicates the popularity of grilling among the majority of the population in the United States.

Grilling is a cooking method that has been used since time immemorial, and there are different types. There are traditional smokers and those that have been designed with a modern touch.

Some types of grills and smokers include:

  • Kamado grill
  • Charcoal grill
  • Gas grill
  • Pellet smoker
  • Portable grill
  • Electric grill.

The grills vary from one type and brand to another.

Traditional offset smokers have been in existence for quite a long time, and they have some advantages over the modern variation. Below are some of the benefits of traditional offset smokers compared to the modern variety of smokers:

  • Food prepared by traditional offset smoking is healthier
  • Traditional smokers are cheaper
  • Food cooked with a traditional smoker is more flavorful
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Enough cooking capacity
  • Constant temperatures

A Comparison of a Traditional Offset Smoker with a Modern Smoker

Smokers are portable, durable, cost-effective, stylish, and highly functional. You can benefit from using the traditional offset smoker in various ways. The range of benefits include:

Food prepared by traditional offset smoking is healthier

Traditional offset smokers use wood as a source of fuel. When food is being prepared, it gets smoked from the burning woods. Wood is natural, and the smoke it produces adds flavor to your grilled foods.

The smoke adds nutrients to the meal. And, when consumed, it’s nutritious and beneficial to the body. Some of the modern varieties such as electric grills and gas grills don’t have this advantage.

Traditional smokers are cheaper

Compared to some grills such as gas grills and electric grills, this method of grilling is cheaper to maintain and operate. It uses wood, which isn’t as expensive as gas. Also, electric grills record huge electricity bills when used frequently.

Traditional offset smokers are also cheaper to buy compared to modern grills that are more complex in design. This explains the increase in their prices.

Food cooked with a traditional smoker is more flavorful

Smokers give food a unique flavor compared to electric grills. The smoke that’s emitted in traditional smokers adds a natural and tasty flavor to your food.

You can use different woods such as hickory to get different flavors. Grill or smoke your food for mouth-watering meals.

Even distribution of heat

Offset smokers are designed to allow thermal reverse flow. This process is advantageous to your cooking because your food is cooked all-round and perfectly, without some parts getting burned.

Enough cooking capacity

Compared to other types of grills, most traditional offset smokers are designed with larger capacities to hold more food. Therefore, you can efficiently cook large amounts of food at once for a large party.

Constant temperatures

You get to enjoy a consistent cooking experience when using an offset smoker. This is attributed to the fact that offset smokers are designed with a firebox separated from the cooking chamber.

Therefore, the inside temperature remains unchanged when the door to the cooking chamber is opened. This ensures that the cooking cycle isn’t interrupted.


Traditional offset food smoking is easier and healthier. Although there may be drawbacks to this type of food preparation, its advantages compared to other cooking or grilling methods can’t be ignored.

With technology, more advancement has been made, and different types of grills invented. Some grills are risky, more complex to operate, and even more expensive. But, the wide variety available gives everyone a choice of a preferred grill. Some of the choices available depend on the availability of resources and the convenience of using the grills. However, with your general health in mind, traditional offset smokers are more beneficial and ideal for cooking with lots of love.

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