6 Delicious Foods to Prepare for Your Upcoming Family Get-together

6 Delicious Foods to Prepare for Your Upcoming Family Get-together

Get-together are times to celebrate family.

A family get-together celebrates great relationships.

It’s a time to share funny stories, memorable moments, and amazing family history.


Food is the heart of any family celebration, hence the need to use popular family reunion recipes to ensure everyone in attendance enjoys the time.
Whether you’re holding a get-together to celebrate a specific individual in the family or want to solve pressing family issues, reunions won’t disappoint.

  • Some benefits of family reunions include:
  • Strengthens family bond
  • Reduces cases of violence and drug abuse
  • Enhances academic performance of kids in the family
  • Kids develop good parenting skills
  • Less behavioral problems
  • Greater confidence and increased happiness
  • Development of conflict resolution skills

If you’re lost for ideas on what foods to prepare, here’s a short list to get you started:

Top 6 Foods to Cook for a Family Get-together

Cream French toast served with strawberries

Prepare this meal the previous night before the get-together. It’s SUPER easy to prepare and requires only a few ingredients.

A 9×13 pan can fit about 7 to 8 French toasts, meaning you’ll need three dishes of the same size to serve almost 20 people.

Fit as many pans as possible in a standard oven to reduce your overall cook time. Serve the French toast with strawberries for breakfast.


Omelets are a favorite of many.

If you want every family member to prepare their OWN breakfast, this is a great option. Buy plastic baggies and a large stock pot if you’re having many guests in attendance for the reunion.

The pot would fit as many omelets bags at once.

Each person can label their bag before placing it in the stock pot for easier identification later. Prepare all the ingredients earlier to make cooking easier for your family members.

For instance, make sure that ham is chopped, cheese grated, etc.

Fresh tomato basil pasta

You can also prepare this meal earlier before the arrival of your family.
Prepare the dish the night before and mix it with spaghetti noodles. Serve in different bags enough for each guest and refrigerate.

Your family members can serve it at room temperate, COLD or warm it up in the microwave as they deem fit.

However, if it seems dry, you can heat it with some vinegar and olive oil. If you intend to serve this as the main meal for your family, cook 2 pounds of spaghetti to serve about 20 people.

Cajun grilled foil packets

If cleaning up later is a concern for you, prepare Cajun grilled foil packets.
Cook as much of the meal as you can early and let each family member do their own foil packet. You’ll find this meal handy for a cabin or camping reunion with a fire pit.

Get everyone to start preparing their meals at least an hour before mealtime because Cajun can take some time to cook.

Let every family member write their names on the foil with markers for easy identification once the food is removed off the fire pit. Make sure that your recipe is enough to serve all the family members.

Café Rio salads

You can serve a large family with this meal.
You’ll need enough sweet pork that you have to shred in advance, rice, chopped Romaine, dressing, lettuce, beans, and tortillas. Make sure your recipe is enough to serve the number of people attending the family reunion.

Grilled chicken

If you’re planning a get-together in your backyard, consider preparing grilled chicken for your family members.

Everyone won’t just have a great time together but also enjoy eating delicious chicken with smoky flavor.