5 Tips for Maintaining Wooden Counter/Bench Tops on a Budget

5 Tips for Maintaining Wooden Counter/Bench Tops on a Budget

Counters/benches are those pieces of woodwork that make cooking and prepping meals a pleasurable activity for us in the house. If you love cooking, you can understand the importance of having the appropriate counters in your kitchen as they enable you to prepare your meals with ease and joy.

Before we delve into maintenance tips for your kitchen countertops, lets discuss some points that should influence your decision when shopping for countertops.

Why You Should Choose Wooden Counter/Bench Tops for Your Kitchen

A wooden counter/bench top is the best alternative for your kitchen counters. For kitchen use, wooden tops are both beautiful and functional.

It provides warmth for your hands, which makes it suitable for use by everyone in the house. While cooking, the need to chop cooking ingredients would always arise. Only a wooden top can serve this purpose efficiently.

Also, for any adjustments in your kitchen design, it’s easier to refabricate your wooden countertops.

Choose the Best Counter/Bench Top for Your Kitchen

While choosing a wooden countertop for your kitchen, it’s essential to understand how you’ll be using your countertops because it’ll influence your choice of wood. Consider these factors while making your choice.

Wood Specie

The specie of the wood you choose will go a long way to determine the durability of your kitchen counter. Some varieties include oak, marble, teak, and tiger. Tiger woods are considered exotic logs.

Wood Hardness

The hardness of the wood will determine the durability and resistance to damage and denting from usage. It’s essential to consider hardwood varieties for your kitchen countertops.

Decorative or Functional

Functional countertops are the best for your kitchen. These are hardwoods that can withstand kitchen functions more. The decorative types have fanciful finishings and are made for lighter work.

Wood Grain Orientation

The orientation of the wood grain determines the look, functionality, and durability of the countertops. They include face grain, edge grain, and end grain. The end grain has better strength.

Caring for Your Wooden Counter/Bench Tops

Caring for your countertops is as vital as choosing the type to buy. These simple tips would teach you about taking care of your kitchen countertops on a low budget.

Wipe off Every Spill

While preparing your meal, or just using your kitchen counter generally, it’s not out of place to have things spill. Simply wipe off all spills on your countertops after every use, and ensure you leave it stain-free.

Use Cutting Boards

Cutting directly on your countertops would continually leave the surface rough. You should use cutting boards to do as much of your knife jobs as possible and preserve the surface of your countertops. You can easily take care for the cutting board after each use.

Don’t Set Fire Your Countertops

Your kitchen countertops consist of wood and should have no business with fire. To maintain a firm and smooth surface, don’t set down your hot pots on your countertops; use mats instead.

Re-Oil Your Surface Frequently

Use mineral or tung oil yearly to reoil the surface of your countertops. Clean the countertops thoroughly and rub the oil. Doing this will guarantee the health of your countertops.

Your Countertops Don’t Need an Extra Coat

The oil coat is sufficient to protect your countertops. Don’t be tempted to use any extra polythene coating on your countertops. Polythene will leave scratches and stains on your surface.

You might want to buy an unfinished wood and build your countertop on your own, to ensure it fits the space you provide for it. When purchasing your timber, consider the depths of cut you would need to get off the wood and the type of planer you’d want to use. Remember, planers are not the same as jointers. That said, always get the right equipment for the purpose you want to achieve.

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