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16 Apr Jackfruit Guide: Which Brands to Buy, How to Prep them, and Four Recipes

I first fell in love with Jackfruit in Los Angeles, when I had a plate of shredded jackfruit atop a piping hot plate of nachos at Sage Bistro. After that moment, I sought out every dish I could find containing the mysterious exotic fruit, from tacos at Plant Food for People to curry at Samosa House, and everything in-between. I cleaned out the local Indian market every time they re-stocked, cried when my Whole Foods stopped carrying the cans and switched over to the pre-marinated brands in the refrigerator aisle, and was disappointed 9 times out of 10 when I ate it out at restaurants. I mastered my own Jackfruit BBQ pulled pork recipe and made it on camera for Follow Your Heart, cooked it for countless clients and friends, and made many a convert to the fruit along the way. But when I truly fell in love, was when...

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