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16 Apr Jackfruit Chicken Nuggets

These nuggets were probably one of the most difficult recipes I've ever developed: I went through at least 15 versions until I finally had a EUREKA! moment with this present version. Partly because one of the things I miss most as a vegetarian is fried chicken tenders dipped in my holy trinity of sauces: ranch, BBQ, and honey mustard so I had high standards and expectations, and partly because it is a damn hard thing to recreate out of a piece of fruit. I started out with the idea of using chunks of jackfruit, mostly the core part of the wedge, since when you bite into them they do highly resemble a chunk of chicken breast. And while it LOOKED cool, and the TEXTURE was awesome, every single variation still TASTED like a canned piece of jackfruit. I tried buttermilk marinating overnight, boiling in fake chicken broth, spice rubbing, salt...

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16 Apr Jackfruit Tuna Melts

When working to brainstorm my first class to teach at my favorite market/cooking school/Southern staples emporium, Southern Seasons, there was no doubt in my mind that I NEEDED to bring the glorious wonders of Jackfruit to the South. In my time here so far, I have yet to see jackfruit on a single restaurant menu, despite the fact that it's wildly available at the local Asian markets, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's and it just breaks my damn heart. Now, North Carolina, and the South in general, is not known for their love of Vegetarianism (I even think there may be as many pigs as there are people here), but this little progressive triangle section of the state I'm living in does have a disproportionate amount of open minded crunchy-granola folks, and I do hope that translates to openness in the world of plant-based food. That said, I know I'll...

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16 Apr Jackfruit Guide: Which Brands to Buy, How to Prep them, and Four Recipes

I first fell in love with Jackfruit in Los Angeles, when I had a plate of shredded jackfruit atop a piping hot plate of nachos at Sage Bistro. After that moment, I sought out every dish I could find containing the mysterious exotic fruit, from tacos at Plant Food for People to curry at Samosa House, and everything in-between. I cleaned out the local Indian market every time they re-stocked, cried when my Whole Foods stopped carrying the cans and switched over to the pre-marinated brands in the refrigerator aisle, and was disappointed 9 times out of 10 when I ate it out at restaurants. I mastered my own Jackfruit BBQ pulled pork recipe and made it on camera for Follow Your Heart, cooked it for countless clients and friends, and made many a convert to the fruit along the way. But when I truly fell in love, was when...

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13 Mar Jackfruit Posole Stew

Inspired by a traditional meaty Mexican Posole stew, this healthier vegan version develops a ton of flavor in a quick cook time. The hominy has an addicting flavor and texture, the canned beans cut the cooking and prep time, the mock chicken broth and chipotles brings the spice and flavor that the meat usually provides in the traditional version, the jackfruit looks and has the texture of  meat, and the toppings create an awesome crunch creating a somewhat salad soup hybrid. One of my favorite comfort foods, this stew is an easy and hearty one pot meal to warm your heart and soul. [yumprint-recipe id='74']...

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