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16 Apr Jackfruit Chicken Nuggets

These nuggets were probably one of the most difficult recipes I've ever developed: I went through at least 15 versions until I finally had a EUREKA! moment with this present version. Partly because one of the things I miss most as a vegetarian is fried chicken tenders dipped in my holy trinity of sauces: ranch, BBQ, and honey mustard so I had high standards and expectations, and partly because it is a damn hard thing to recreate out of a piece of fruit. I started out with the idea of using chunks of jackfruit, mostly the core part of the wedge, since when you bite into them they do highly resemble a chunk of chicken breast. And while it LOOKED cool, and the TEXTURE was awesome, every single variation still TASTED like a canned piece of jackfruit. I tried buttermilk marinating overnight, boiling in fake chicken broth, spice rubbing, salt...

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