Cooking for Luv: Vegetarian + Vegan Recipes
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Seaweed Guide

23 Sep Seaweed Guide

Seaweed Guide

A quick look at the most common types of Sea Vegetables, most of which belong to one of three broad groups: green, red, and brown algae.



Sea Lettuce/Ulva

Thin, flat, and green and often eaten raw in salads and cooked in soups. It is high in protein, soluble dietary fiber, and a variety of vitamins and minerals, especially iron.


Found in a dried powdered form and used often as a condiment sprinkled over hot foods. It contains rich minerals such as calcium, magnesium, lithium, and amino acids such as methionine.



Red-brown in color, dulse comes powdered or in whole dried leaves, an excellent source of potassium and protein. Chewy and salty, you can eat it straight out of the package or pan fry, which produces a smell akin to bacon and is often likened to jerky.


Most commonly used in sushi rolls, you can find nori packaged in dried pressed sheets and now widely available in flavored snack form. Tons of iodine and vitamin C, great as a wrapper or crushed and sprinkled as a condiment.



A variety of Kelp, Sweet, mild wiry black shreds that have a high quantity of calcium, iodine, potassium, vitamin A and dietary fiber.


Kombu is a leafy kelp variety that comes packaged in thick strips or sheets, and is a beautiful purple color, and essential in the creation of the Japanese broth Dashi.  Eating it adds iodine, calcium, magnesium and iron to your diet. Try adding it to broths, soups, or beans (aids in digestion and reduces gas),


Deep green-gray in color, wakame is tender, sweet, and salty. Supplies dietary fiber and potassium. Rehydrate to expand up to seven times its original size and the long silky fronds are great cooked or raw. Wakame is the green vegetable seen in Miso soups.


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Photo credit: Mi Mitrika / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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