Cooking for Luv: Vegetarian + Vegan Cooking Lessons & Personal Chef Services in West LA
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We hired Cooking for Luv to do a cooking class as an off-site team-building activity for my Beachbody team, and it turned out to be one of the best, most fun experiences we had as a team! From the beginning, Stephanie was amazing to work with. She listened to our team’s needs, presented options and was flexible in tailoring the cooking class form and structure to meet our needs. The recipes we made turned out delicious! Team members were amazed out how appetizing the vegetarian dishes were—even the die-hard carnivores were all eager to take home the detailed handouts with the recipes so they could replicate the healthy dishes on their own. We not only learned how to make some amazing recipes, but also learned some cook cooking/cutting techniques. The whole experience was very interactive with not just the making of the dishes but also with fun games and friendly competitions Stephanie came up with to keep everyone engaged. All in all, it was the perfect team activity- the right balance of engaging, educational, fun and social. We’re looking forward to doing it again!
Cooking for Luv has held a few small cooking classes at my office, and I've made it a point to attend every single one that I'm able to. Stephanie is not only a great chef, but also a great instructor; she knows how to explain things in a way that non-chefs will understand, all while making her classes fun, not to mention delicious! Every single thing I've eaten in these classes has been foodgasmically delicious. And I don't use that term lightly. I am not a vegan. Not even close. But there is more than one vegan recipe that has worked its way into my regular rotation, thanks to Cooking for Luv. You'd be surprised how handy it can be to have a few animal-free recipes in your arsenal. Even the DESSERTS are healthy! Not that you can tell by how they taste. Whether you be vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, or whatever, Cooking for Luv is definitely worth it.
Our family of four, comprised of two working parents and two active kids, have had a shortage of an extraordinarily valuable commodity: time. We love cooking and always enjoyed preparing meals from scratch together. But given the time needed for both shopping and cooking, we decided to try a personal chef see how food and time and money would work out. And since we have been switching to a plant based diet, we included a fully vegetarian menu plan in our search criteria. After searching extensively, we asked Stephanie to come to our house once a week and prepare three dinners for us. Stephanie is incredible. She shops in the morning, selects the best quality ingredients, comes to the house and prepares the meals. She puts together three meals of a main plus a side or two, plus one dessert for the week, along with directions on getting them ready in the evening (basically reheating, combining, etc.) Her food is joyfully creative, immensely satisfying, and of course, nutritious. Her desserts are evil... they are that goood. And yes, the money equation works out, and we can feel the benefit of newfound time during the week. We both work from home and so we see Stephanie a lot during the day she's here. Stephanie is simply a delight; her warm and engaging personality is as wonderful as her food. And she is completely open to discussing menu changes without a hint of personal affront. She's put our menus online for our comments and suggestions. I mean... that's truly great. As the little thing next to the five stars says, Wooho! As good as it gets!
My husband and I thought it would be fun to do a cooking class for our 1-year anniversary. After reading Stephanie's reviews online we decided to hire her, and we could not have been happier with this decision. You can't help but fall in love with Stephanie from the minute she walks in the door with her big smile and warm personality. She asked us what we were interested in cooking via email days before, and also gave us some great suggestions. My husband is vegan, and Stephanie easily switched a few things around for us in her recipes to make this possible. She not only taught us two great and delicious recipes, but she went out her way to teach us techniques of how to properly hold and use the knife, how to cut vegetables in certain and fancy ways, how to properly cut onions, how to roast garlic etc. She would show us once, and then had my husband and I do everything to learn. She was incredibly knowledgeable about food; we learned so much from her. We were having such a good time together that we actually ran over 30 minutes and she never charged us. The food was absolutely delicious!!! She is an amazing chef, and a lovely person you just want to be friends with. It was a perfect anniversary gift to each other - and Stephanie made the night even more perfect. We would definitely hire Stephanie again for more cooking classes or small parties. We HIGHLY recommend her!!!
My fiance and I are wedding planning and things got a little stressful to say the least. I love to cook, but thought it would be fun to have someone cook for us one night. I did some searching and came across Cooking for Luv. Stephanie was great to work with - she talked through a menu with me - she did the food shopping - came over one late afternoon - cooked an amazing meal and vanished for us to enjoy! We actually had her cook a full vegan meal - she made the most amazing quinoa meatballs that even fooled my fiance. Thanks Cooking for Luv - can't wait for you to spoil us again!
Stephanie recently catered a party for 75 guests at my home in Santa Monica...  She put together an amazingly tasty menu with a lot of variety to satisfy both my healthy friends and those who were craving something a little more ``gluttonous.``  To satisfy the latter, she made some very tasty fried pickles (not so unhealthy after all but very tasty!).  I would highly recommend working with Stephanie for private catering!
This girl can cook! Stephanie is a natural in its truest form. She just knows how to make absolutely delicious food without event trying (or it seems that way to me!). Everything that she has made I have loved. She really know how to use ingredients in a way that makes them more intense and flavorful. In my opinion she has something that cannot be taught, she is a natural. And let’s not forget she is as nice as can be.
I recently attended a party that was catered by Cooking for Luv. Despite the large number of guests, the quality of the food was not sacrificed, and the range of dishes was incredible. Ask for the fried pickles and the blueberry pizza!
A sweet girl who makes amazing food. Everything she prepared for our party was a hit. Pesto and carrot crostini was gone slightly faster than the grocery store bought veggie dip I contributed:) Professional and down to earth... a rare combination!
Think you need meat to make an amazing mouth watering meal!? No sir! Cooking for Luv will prove your tastebuds wrong - (and send them jumping for joy!) I had one of the most spectacular vegetarian meals with Cooking for Luv, and I'm a meat eater! So yeah, I'm a believer now.  On top of all that - get ready to have some FUN!! Can't recommend enough for a night with the girls or a special meal for your gentleman. : )
My fiance and I are wedding planning and things got a little stressful to say the least.  I love to cook, but thought it would be fun to have someone cook for us one night.  I did some searching and came across Cooking for Luv.  Stephanie was great to work with - she talked through a menu with me - she did the food shopping - came over one late afternoon - cooked an amazing meal and vanished for us to enjoy!  We actually had her cook a full vegan meal - she made the most amazing quinoa meatballs that even fooled my fiance.  Thanks Cooking for Luv - can't wait for you to spoil us again!
On July 4 2012 I was invited to a community open house dinner that Stephanie (who  I did not know) was catering.  There are no words to describe the feeling that occurs when eating her food.  I was invited back a number of times for dinners and not only was equally blown away but I actually started eating vegan regularly afterwards.  Stephanie herself is an amazing host and makes both eating and learning how to cook incredibly fun as she is warm, funny and really friendly.  I have since become good friends with her (impossible not to) but my introduction to both her and her food art was inspirational and life altering.  I highly recommend her. so fun to work with and have around.
I have had the pleasure of attending several dinner parties catered by Cooking for Luv.  I am not vegan but eating this food has slowly begun to change my eating habits. I have been blown away by the variety of foods and flavors.  As someone who cannot claim to be a cook by many means, it has also been a great experience watching her cook with such ease. She knows her way around the kitchen and can still entertain, socialize, and give basic cooking instructions at the same time.  She is a five star chef and instructor and I would highly recommend Cooking for Luv to anyone who wants healthy and mouth watering food for a party or lessons. From what I have seen so far this girl can cook anything... so impressed.
I met Stephanie last year at a 4th of July party that my good buddy hosted. She was a guest and instantly connected with me and my girlfriend. A huge smile and warm personality. So imagine the pleasant surprise when the same friend had the same 4th of July party exactly one year later, only this time to discover that the person responsible for the most amazing food was her! There was so much thought that went into the food.. what I mean is, not only was it delicious, but there was something for everyone (vegans, paleos, veggies, people that just want to pig out and eat deep fried pickles with the best sweet and sour sauce… I didn’t even know that was an option in life until that day). I digress. Ok.. so here you have all these different types of food, all delicious AND all following one unified theme.. 4th of July. In other words, even though there was something for everyone it didn’t look like a pot luck dinner where everyone brings something different. My mind is being blow b/c I didn’t appreciate this awareness until right now, as I am typing. I think this is one of the things that separates people that like to cook and make contrasts for the sake of just being different (nothing wrong with that for sure!), and a true chef. I would highly recommend her and my girlfriend and I are looking forward to having her do a private cooking class/meal with our friends!


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