Cooking for Luv: Vegetarian + Vegan Cooking Lessons & Personal Chef Services in West LA
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Personal Chef Services


The Scoop

Lost in the kitchen? Too busy to cook? Let Cooking for Luv take the wheel. By hiring me to be your personal chef you will have a supply of delicious, creative home-cooked ready-to-heat meals right in your fridge every week.


How it Works

Based on your dietary needs, likes and dislikes, and schedule I develop a new menu every week, do all the grocery shopping, and prepare your meals either in your kitchen or mine.  You will have digital reheat instructions for finishing the dishes off and for serving, then all you need to do is sit back and be happy and full. 

 Choose from vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, raw, kosher dairy or parve, or a mix of them all!


What you get

Basic Package (inquire for other options)

Three full dinners (one entree and one side) plus your choice of one dessert or one healthy snack per week.

There often is plenty of food leftover to bring for lunch the next day (and make everyone at work extremely jealous).


What it costs

1-4 People  $300 per week

5-6 People $400 per week

Each additional person $50 per week


Groceries not included (On average for a family of four the grocery cost runs less than $100 per week.)

Single? Pair up with a friend or two and split the costs! I can package the meals separately or together for you.



Why it’s awesome

Our family of four, comprised of two working parents and two active kids, have had a shortage of an extraordinarily valuable commodity: time. We love cooking and always enjoyed preparing meals from scratch together. But given the time needed for both shopping and cooking, we decided to try a personal chef see how food and time and money would work out. And since we have been switching to a plant based diet, we included a fully vegetarian menu plan in our search criteria. After searching extensively, we asked Stephanie to come to our house once a week and prepare three dinners for us. Stephanie is incredible. She shops in the morning, selects the best quality ingredients, comes to the house and prepares the meals. She puts together three meals of a main plus a side or two, plus one dessert for the week, along with directions on getting them ready in the evening (basically reheating, combining, etc.) Her food is joyfully creative, immensely satisfying, and of course, nutritious. Her desserts are evil... they are that goood. And yes, the money equation works out, and we can feel the benefit of newfound time during the week. We both work from home and so we see Stephanie a lot during the day she's here. Stephanie is simply a delight; her warm and engaging personality is as wonderful as her food. And she is completely open to discussing menu changes without a hint of personal affront. She's put our menus online for our comments and suggestions. I mean... that's truly great. As the little thing next to the five stars says, Wooho! As good as it gets!



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