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I get crazy over new recipes. I fancy everything cooking from the smell of frying onions to the incessant sounds of stewing food. I love the pop sound of a cooker when it lights. Cooking was part of my growing up and remains a big part of my life even today.

My grandmother introduced me to cooking at age seven. She had a small farmstyle kitchen with a fireplace in one corner. As the snow dropped outside her small country house, we sat in the kitchen warming from the fireplace as she taught me how to dice onions. It was an interesting phase in my life as I discovered cooking as a passion.

My grandmother made cooking interesting. There was a story behind every meal. We made simple dishes such as corn on cob and she told me of her escapades as a high school girl. We made pancakes as she told the story of how she met my grandpa. The stories were endless and with each, I learnt how to make a new dish. I don’t know whether it was the stories or the cooking that kept me going there. Either way, I learnt to love to cook and have never wavered in that love since.

I first learnt the aroma of different spices as they cooked. I knew when coriander or capsicums were part of the ingredients. I could tell the smell of onions when they were ready. I knew how the flavor and aromas of different spices would affect the taste of food. Soon, my mom started taking me with her to the market.

Every new recipe means a new chance for me to learn more.


I tweak recipes to meet my needs. I have always viewed new recipes as new avenues to learn. Not every recipe augurs well with my taste buds and in most cases, I have to tweak the list of ingredients or the method to create a unique meal. It is not like I love changing other people’s recipe, but hey, allow me to be a little creative.

The world is awash with dishes that I can make but my interests are in cuisines. There is so much uniqueness in foods from different parts of the world. There are meals that will challenge your cooking and means that intrigue you. There are also cuisines you will lever love no matter the hype around them. I love them all and I have tried most of them in my kitchen.

There was a story behind every meal

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