Cooking for Luv: Vegetarian Cooking Lessons & Personal Chef Services in West LA
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Cooking for Luv - Farmers Market Veggies

12 Jan Farmers Market Luv

 Farmers Market Luv This week I had the pleasure of dining with Heather, a truly fabulous woman, diehard foodie, and long-time team member of Maggie’s Farm- one of my favorite vendors at the Sunday Farmers Market on Main Street in Santa Monica. We got to talking about the laundry list of Farmers Market shopping pleasures and how it is truly a perfect day date destination. The Farmers Market is a sensual assault on the senses. The technicolor spectrum of the produce, the pungent smell of the herbs, the juicy burst of the fruit samples, the buttery texture of the leafy greens, the vibrant sounds of the crowd, the visual pleasure of seeing ingredients in their unpackaged/natural/gorgeous/naked state…I could go on forever. What could be a more amazing setting to share a chill hour or two with someone you love? When my guy and I head over on a lazy Sunday morning, we slowly...

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