Cooking for Luv: Vegetarian + Vegan Recipes
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Follow Your Heart Vegenaise #MayoKarma Recipes

29 Sep Follow Your Heart Vegenaise #MayoKarma Recipes

Get ready for the year of Mayo Karma.

I am incredibly excited to share the work I did this summer with Follow Your Heart, developing mouthwatering veg centered recipes for their new Mayo Karma campaign. One of my favorite brands on the block, they make the best tasting, most versatile, and good for you Vegan Mayonnaise around (not to mention some of the best dressings, spreads, and cheeses you’ll ever put in your mouth). And not only are they local to Los Angeles (local=great for our community, local economy, and our bodies) but their plant is completely powered by solar energy and they are committed to demonstrating leadership in the ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities of operating a business. I’m proud to have created eight delicious and healthy recipes using Vegenaise, all of which add up to a complete 32 Ounce jar of the magical stuff, and will give you 51 servings of plant-based meals.

Check out my recipes to learn why mayo isn’t only for spreading anymore!

Portobello & Kale Stroganoffmushroom kale stroganoff
Fire Roasted Eggplant Dipeggplant dip
Shredded Carrot, Date, & Mint Saladcarrot salad
Veggie Ceviche Stuffed Avocadoavocado ceviche

Lentil Walnut & Arugula Saladlentil salad
Hot Vegan Cheesy Corn Dipcorn dip
Roasted Asparagus Tartasparagus tart
Curried Sweet Potato Saladsweet potato salad

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