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Farmers Market Luv

Cooking for Luv - Farmers Market Veggies

12 Jan Farmers Market Luv

 Farmers Market Luv

This week I had the pleasure of dining with Heather, a truly fabulous woman, diehard foodie, and long-time team member of Maggie’s Farm– one of my favorite vendors at the Sunday Farmers Market on Main Street in Santa Monica. We got to talking about the laundry list of Farmers Market shopping pleasures and how it is truly a perfect day date destination.

The Farmers Market is a sensual assault on the senses. The technicolor spectrum of the produce, the pungent smell of the herbs, the juicy burst of the fruit samples, the buttery texture of the leafy greens, the vibrant sounds of the crowd, the visual pleasure of seeing ingredients in their unpackaged/natural/gorgeous/naked state…I could go on forever. What could be a more amazing setting to share a chill hour or two with someone you love?

When my guy and I head over on a lazy Sunday morning, we slowly wander through the stands, picking produce for our week’s meals. We chat with the vendors, people watch, discover new ingredients (Purple Brussels Sprouts! Pineapple Guavas! Watermelon Radishes! To die for!), and devour as many samples as we can get our hands on.  After we make our lap, we go to one of our favorite stands to order a couple of amazing farm-to-table gourmet breakfasts (Bean & Thyme or The Curious Palate). Then we take our goods over to the grassy area, lay out a picnic blanket and enjoy the spoils of the day. I always find it to be a wildly romantic date and a time in our busy week that we can truly connect in line with the slower pace of the market crowd.

So when planning your Cooking for Luv date, why not think about making it a two part event! The two of you can spend a romantic morning shopping for the ingredients for your meal as Date Part 1. Then, in Date Part 2, you can present what you picked out together fabulously transformed into sensational three course meal. Voila! Now I’d say that’s a double dose of Cooking for Luv.


Support local agriculture and get the freshest seasonal ingredients around by shopping at your neighborhood farmers market. For a list of markets near you, check out:

Local Harvest


Need some tips on shopping at the farmers market? Here’s a great list of quick tips and tricks from Serious Eats:

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