Cooking for Luv: Vegetarian + Vegan Recipes
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Sexy Dinner Date: The Do’s and Don’ts by Chef Fabio Viviani

29 Dec Sexy Dinner Date: The Do’s and Don’ts by Chef Fabio Viviani

Sexy Dinner Date: The Do’s and Don’ts by Chef Fabio Viviani

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When going on a dinner date, either at home or in a restaurant, there are several “Foodie” Do’s and Don’ts that, if you follow, should help you lock in another date! Not all great food is date food! You want a delicious meal to also be a sexy meal.

Let me begin by saying that I don’t believe in the hype around aphrodisiac foods. In Italy, we have our accent and confidence that make up for the aphrodisiac myths. Many people believe that ingredients such as oysters, lobsters, truffles and other exotic items help initiate a spark. I think the only reason people say this is because these foods are high priced and out of reach for “everyday” cooking, and that’s why I don’t use them, suggest them, or cook with them. My food will not enhance your libido- but the confidence that you’ll feel from cooking sexy, Italian food will light a spark for the perfect date! In fact, in a recent poll, over 25,000 people said that Italian was the “best first-date food”, so cook or share some Italian food for a distinguished first date.

Sexy food, to me, is food that will make you look good, that is well presented, and that will certainly please your date. Here are my five tips for the sexiest foods when you and your date do make the jump to a dinner date, whether it be at home or out on the town.

Fabio’s Dinner Date Do’s:

  • Stick to lite bites. Go for Tapas, Sushi or Happy Hour for an easy night. Sharing date food rather than ordering a full meal will definitely add more romance to the date. It’s also typically less messy and much easier to eat, so you’ll feel more comfortable and confident.
  • Say no to the Merlot. Order a white wine- you’re better safe than sorry. I love red wines but the risk of stained teeth and lips might be worth avoiding while you get to know your new “Match.”
  • Don’t let the cooking keep you from conversing. Cook food that doesn’t require too much of your attention, so while the food is cooking you can still enjoy the company of your date.
  • 1+1 = Sous! – Cooking alone isn’t fun for you or your date, so whether they are a culinary expert or a novice, come up with fun, flirty ways for them to play sous chef. Maybe it’s adding in some ingredients or a little stirring here and there. It’s not about putting them to work since you still want it to seem like a treat for them, but it will make the experience much more fun if you’re doing it together.
  • Impress her with Italian. Italy is the land of love and is one of the most influential cultures when it comes to food. And as I mentioned earlier it’s proven to be a favorite amongst daters. So if you’re choosing a style of cuisine to cook, my recommendation is go with Italian – and yes I’m a little biased! Italian food is diverse,  has a rich heritage and can be very easy to make if you have the right recipes. Or choose a small, cozy Italian restaurant with a quiet vibe I’ll share some of my favorite recipes later on in this blog post…

Now that you have some ideas in your back pocket for how to have a great dinner date, here are some things you might want to avoid.

Fabio’s Dinner Date Don’ts:

  • Cilantro kills your mojo! Don’t use mint, cilantro or too much soy sauce- these ingredients are well known to stop your sex drive!
  • Go easy on the garnish. Don’t use too many extra garnishes, especially green food like parsley and cilantro that can get stuck in your teeth.
  • Beware of your breath! Avoid food that can lead to unpleasant aftermath like beans that can affect your stomach, or garlic or onion that can be bad for your breath. In a recent poll that asked, “Which foods should you avoid most on a first date?” 67% of users chose garlic and onions as food to skip- so make sure to go easy!
  • No Seedy behavior! Much like the garnish concerns, be on the look-out for seeds, especially poppy seeds that can turn your pearly whites into a total fright.
  • Spicy isn’t always sexy. Avoid super spicy food on your date! Many people cannot tolerate the heat. Over the course of the meal, it’s nice to give your date a taste or maybe even switch plates if you’re comfortable with that. Not everyone can handle spicy food so ask your date if he or she is a fan before you go for it.
  • Don’t go “whole hog”. Don’t go for ribs, BBQ or any full-blown Texas meal. 20 lbs. of brisket on the barbie just doesn’t scream romance! It can be a little messy and might make for a better option when you know each other a little better and feel more at ease.

Check out my recipes for a sexy dinner date below:

Roasted Whole Chicken with Lemons

Cranberry Risotto

Pumpkin Gnocchi Dumplings

Chicken Piccata with Prosciutto

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