Cooking for Luv: Vegetarian + Vegan Cooking Lessons & Personal Chef Services in West LA
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Corporate Cooking Lessons

Reward your employees. Build stronger and healthier teams. Create a more engaged and invested corporate culture.





Looking for a perk to offer your employees that will help your company stand out, promote team building and even encourage good health? Cooking for Luv has an assortment of cost-effective options for you that have been received with tremendous acclaim at other organizations like yours and that have stood out as truly special “differentiators” for the companies providing them.



One-off, quarterly, or monthly, Cooking for Luv comes to your office or off-site location to teach a cooking lesson that is hands-on, interactive, engaging, and wildly entertaining for any size team. The most popular class runs one hour, and only costs you $1000 plus the cost of equipment and ingredients. You will also receive a digital recipe booklet customized to your brand for you to print and distribute for the class.



No kitchen? No worries! Cooking for Luv  mostly teaches no-cook classes, where all we need is an open space with tables and a few basic kitchen tools (cutting boards, chefs knives, plastic utensils and paper plates!)

Want to turn up the heat? We also run “hot” classes, where we bring in portable gas stovetops that work in any well ventilated space.



We have worked with the incredible people of Hulu, Beachbody, YouTube, RAPP, MPC Technicolor, Whitehouse Post, and Human to bring fun, healthy, and stress-reducing classes to the workplace.   



We hired Cooking for Luv to do a cooking class as an off-site team-building activity for my Beachbody team, and it turned out to be one of the best, most fun experiences we had as a team! From the beginning, Stephanie was amazing to work with. She listened to our team’s needs, presented options and was flexible in tailoring the cooking class form and structure to meet our needs. The recipes we made turned out delicious! Team members were amazed out how appetizing the vegetarian dishes were—even the die-hard carnivores were all eager to take home the detailed handouts with the recipes so they could replicate the healthy dishes on their own. We not only learned how to make some amazing recipes, but also learned some cook cooking/cutting techniques. The whole experience was very interactive with not just the making of the dishes but also with fun games and friendly competitions Stephanie came up with to keep everyone engaged. All in all, it was the perfect team activity- the right balance of engaging, educational, fun and social. We’re looking forward to doing it again!
Cooking for Luv has held a few small cooking classes at my Hulu office, and I've made it a point to attend every single one that I'm able to. Stephanie is not only a great chef, but also a great instructor; she knows how to explain things in a way that non-chefs will understand, all while making her classes fun, not to mention delicious! Every single thing I've eaten in these classes has been foodgasmically delicious. And I don't use that term lightly. I am not a vegan. Not even close. But there is more than one vegan recipe that has worked its way into my regular rotation, thanks to Cooking for Luv. You'd be surprised how handy it can be to have a few animal-free recipes in your arsenal. Even the DESSERTS are healthy! Not that you can tell by how they taste. Whether you be vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, or whatever, Cooking for Luv is definitely worth it.



Corporate perk programs, lunch delivery, and meeting catering.



Need more convincing? Contact us to receive our corporate deck, with dazzling details on why you should choose Cooking for Luv and more info on how to get started.

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