Cooking for Luv Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes
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Cooking for Luv- Polenta with Mushrooms

08 Apr Polenta with Wild Mushrooms, White Wine, Goat Cheese, and Thyme

Polenta with Wild Mushrooms, White Wine, Goat Cheese, and Thyme Yield: 4 Servings Cook Time: 50 Minutes One of my favorite comfort foods is the Italian dish of Polenta, a ground corn meal that when combined with a liquid (usually water, stock, milk, or cream) and simmered creates the most deliciously comforting base ready for serving with any sauce you would normally use with pasta. You’ve probably seen those little tubes of pre-cooked Polenta at the grocery store, and while I’ll use them in a pinch if I need perfect rounds for a quick fried polenta appetizer, there is no comparison to slow-cooking your own on the stove top. When you use milk or cream, it takes on a creamy and luxuriously soft consistency, when you use water or stock you can set it to make a molded version that is slice-able. I usually eat it creamy and topped with a rich tomato...

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01 Apr Hippie Hash

Hippie Hash Yield: 4 ServingsCook Time: 40 minutesWhile in college at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, the Fleetwood Diner ("The Hippest Little Diner in Michigan") was our go-to Sunday morning tradition to help cure our inevitable hangovers. Every single time, I ordered their incredible Hippie Hash- a griddle combo of hash browns, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and broccoli topped with a generous portion of feta. The addition of feta to hash browns was a life altering food discovery for me, and to this day whenever I end up out for breakfast I make a special request for feta on top of whatever hash the restaurant offers. When at home, I whip up this slightly more refined version of Fleetwood’s college student favorite.    My recipe calls for using one frying pan or griddle to cook (most of) the veggies in steps, so it’s not exactly a breakfast in a hurry recipe. I...

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Passover Matzo Lasagna with Kale and Pesto

29 Mar Passover Matzo Lasagna with Pesto and Kale

Passover Matzo Lasagna with Pesto and Kale Yield: Serves 4Cook time: 30 minutes On Passover, I try not to cook with a ton of Matzo. Since there are so many other amazing Passover friendly ingredients (I often find I cook recipes I normally make the rest of the year) I don't feel like I need matzo to make a meal satisfying. The exception? Matzo Lasagna. Somehow, the matzo in this recipe replicates the texture and taste of lasagna noodles pretty darn closely, and the matzo soaks up all the flavor of your sauce making the "matzo taste" virtually disappear. They keys to success? A really flavorful tomato sauce and a ton of it (I make my own, but to make this easier I am suggesting a jarred version), the proportions (usually more per layer than you would use in a regular lasagna) of ingredients on each layer, and the flavorful toppings. Not...

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cooking for luv posole

13 Mar Vegan Posole Stew

Inspired by a traditional meaty Mexican Pozole stew, this healthier vegan version develops a ton of flavor in a quick cook time. The hominy has an addicting flavor and texture, the canned beans cut the cooking and prep time, the Soyrizo brings the spice that the chilies and meat usually provide in the traditional version, and the toppings create an awesome crunch. One of my favorite comfort foods, this stew is an easy and hearty one pot meal to warm your heart and soul.[yumprint-recipe id='74']...

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Cooking for Luv - Brussels Sprouts, Kale, and Beet Raw Salad

26 Feb Raw Kale, Brussels, and Beet Salad: Confetti Style

RAW KALE, BRUSSELS, AND BEET SALAD: CONFETTI STYLE Yield: Serves 6 as a side, 2 for a mainTime: 20 Minutes Brussels Sprout haters will not know what hit them with this salad: the raw super thin slices give a fresh twist to the loathed veggie. This key to the success is the light and airy texture you get from a Japanese Mandolin (purchase online or at any Japanese market for about $25). You can come close to replicating the paper thin shreds with some killer knife skills, but the amount of time you save and the precision and consistency you get from the mandolin can’t be matched. Be VERY careful with the blade, it is extremely sharp!  IngredientsSalad1 Bunch of Lacinado/Dino/Tuscan Kale (about ¾ Lb)1 Lb Brussels sprouts (the larger the sprouts the better)1 Small Red Beet1/4 Small Red Onion (about 2 TBS)3 TBS Shredded Parmesan Cheese (optional)1/4 Cup Toasted Walnuts DressingJuice from 1...

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Cooking for Luv - Papas Tacos, Cumin Roasted Carrots, and Beer Braised Black Beans

21 Feb Papas Tacos with Mole, Roasted Cumin Carrots, & Beer Braised Black Beans for Two

An elegant and lighter take on a Mexican spread, this vegetarian meal is perfect when you're craving something south of the border without all the grease. And although it looks fancy, it is quite simple and can be made in under an hour.  I like to use Sprouted Corn Tortillas to add some extra nutrition to the meal, but any variety works. You can easily make this Vegan by leaving out the cheese and substituting Earth Balance or EVOO for the butter. Enjoy! xo- StephanieMenu Main: Papas Tacos with Mole, Avocado, and Quick Pickled OnionsSides: Roasted Tri-Color Carrots with Cumin Seeds and Beer Braised Black Beans with Cilantro and Garlic Roasted Tri-Color Carrots with Cumin Seeds Yield: Serves 2Time: 25 Minutes Ingredients1 Bunch of Tri-Colored Carrots, quartered lengthwise then cut in half1 Tablespoon of Cumin Seeds¼ Red Onion, Sliced into ¼ inch strips2 Tablespoons of EVOO1 Tablespoon of Morton’s Kosher Salt DirectionsPreheat Oven to 425Toss all ingredients...

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Cooking for Luv - Blanching Broccolini

22 Jan It’s Easy Being Green

It's Easy Being Green  My dad grew up loathing green vegetables. His mother cooked them to death, either heating canned greens or turning fresh vibrant broccoli, green beans, and asparagus to mush through excessive boiling. It took years of deprogramming by my mom and a budding love of cooking to discover that it wasn't the veggies that were the problem, but the old school cooking methods my grandmother brought to the table from her upbringing in England and the busy life of raising three boys in the 1950/60s. What he finally found was that it is so sublimely easy to make green vegetables retain their bright color, crisp texture, and incredible natural flavor that even the most novice of home cooks can produce a killer side of greens that will leave veggie haters asking for seconds. The secret weapon: Blanching. The truth is, my grandma was on the correct path- boiling IS the...

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Cooking for Luv - Farmers Market Veggies

12 Jan Farmers Market Luv

 Farmers Market Luv This week I had the pleasure of dining with Heather, a truly fabulous woman, diehard foodie, and long-time team member of Maggie’s Farm- one of my favorite vendors at the Sunday Farmers Market on Main Street in Santa Monica. We got to talking about the laundry list of Farmers Market shopping pleasures and how it is truly a perfect day date destination.The Farmers Market is a sensual assault on the senses. The technicolor spectrum of the produce, the pungent smell of the herbs, the juicy burst of the fruit samples, the buttery texture of the leafy greens, the vibrant sounds of the crowd, the visual pleasure of seeing ingredients in their unpackaged/natural/gorgeous/naked state…I could go on forever. What could be a more amazing setting to share a chill hour or two with someone you love?When my guy and I head over on a lazy Sunday morning, we slowly...

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Cooking for Luv – Make a Menu and Schedule

03 Jan All About Timing

All About Timing (or, Timing: My Mortal Enemy) Timing is one of the biggest challenges for a cook (at any level) when entertaining any size group.  Getting your dishes to the right temperature at the right time for your guests is super stressful and tough, and it is something that only gets easier with time and practice. Even though I still struggle with it (often), I have put together some of my simple tips and tricks to help make your dinner party a stress-less and perfectly timed success!  WRITE OUT A MENU AND A SCHEDULE I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to serve one of my dishes, or missed the finishing step on a recipe because of the inevitable chaos that surrounds serving time. Making a menu for yourself with notes and timing will keep you focused, organized, and will save your butt time and time again. I usually scribble...

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Cooking for Luv - Lemons

01 Jan Cooking for Luv Ingredient Staples

There are a few things that I keep constantly stocked in my kitchen, no matter what the meal is I always seem to use some combination of them in every cooking session.Morton's Kosher Salt A little salt can elevate and intensify all the flavors in a dish. I prefer Kosher Salt over your garden variety table salt for a few reasons....

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