Cooking for Luv: Vegetarian + Vegan Cooking Lessons & Personal Chef Services in West LA
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Stephanie Goldfinger

Cooking for Luv Chef

Vegetarian Comfort Food Maker  .  Culinary Instructor  .  Personal Chef  .   On-Screen Personality  .  Food Writer


Stephanie Goldfinger - Cooking for Luv

Every day, I strive to spread my passion for cooking and the joy that comes from sharing an incredible home cooked meal with loved ones. I do this by teaching take-out enthusiasts tired of the microwave how to shed the paper menus through my Cooking Lessons and help busy folks warm the hearts and bellies of their loved ones with my Personal Chef Services.


On top of the standard offerings, I also work with brands and publications to develop delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes and menus for their audience and have worked with such incredible brands as Follow Your Heart, Hepp’s Salt, Sprituality and Health Magazine, and Green Living Magazine. In addition, I teach dynamic and interactive corporate cooking lessons at awesome companies like Hulu, Beachbody, RAPP, MPC Technicolor, Whitehouse Post, and Human Worldwide; helping to build healthier, more connected, and fully engaged teams and employees while giving them a break from the daily grind. 


I appeared on Food Network’s new prime time show Food Truck Face Off with my incredible partner, Heather ( as Feast of Luv), am the face of Follow Your Heart’s vegan cooking web series, partnered with Sabra to create a series of spoof how-to cooking videos, and created a series of videos of my original recipes with Fox Sports for the 2015 Super Bowl. I am available as a chef, host, and general all-around-awesome-to-be-around-woman  for on-camera appearances for brands, online videos, and television programs.


My food philosophy: Love People (and yourself), Cook Them (and yourself) Tasty Food. It is not only possible but easier than you think to make meat-free cooking that even carnivores go crazy for, and I truly believe that vegetarian food can be spectacular, hearty, filling, sustainable, and be packed with life-altering flavors. I don’t believe you should deprive yourself of the foods that make you happy, and think that with a well balanced plant-based whole-food heavy diet you can indulge in your “naughty” in moderation. I strive to care for the animals of the universe, our environment, and our food economy and cook (and eat) in a conscious and responsible way, encouraging the use of humanely raised, local, organic, sustainable, and farm-to-table ingredients that not only taste incredible but make your body feel amazing too. I’m not a hater,  meat eaters don’t bother me, I just hope that the carnivores will start to incorporate more meat-free meals into their diet and when they do eat meat and fish, that they source the most humane and ethical products available. The best we can do is get better every day, learn a little more about the food we feed our bodies and souls and try to make smarter decisions about how we approach the food on our plates.


While I specialize in hearty (and beautiful) Vegetarian dishes and have a wide knowledge of Gluten-Free, Vegan, Raw, and Specialized Diets. No matter the fare, I focus on putting a modern twist on traditional comfort foods and creating feasts that warm the body and soul.


I look forward to joining you on your next (or first!) culinary adventure!



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